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How To Find An Acupuncture Practitioner

How to Find an Acupuncture Practitioner

Finding an acupuncture practitioner is much easier now that it is a much more common means of therapy. You can find one the same way you find a dentist, by simply looking on the internet, in the phone book, or asking one of your friends that is knowledgeable about current health advances. There are several national acupuncture organizations on the Internet, and you can look up your locality by state and city. You can also ask your family physician, for more and more doctors are referring their patients to an acupuncture clinic for the treatment of certain problems. You might be even more surprised to find that your doctor or internist may have training in acupuncture themselves, or one of the associated therapies.

Once you find several acupuncture practitioners in your area, you should make sure to check their credentials. This is always a good idea for you to do for all of your health support team, from your internist to your dentist. Not all states have established training standards required for acupuncture certification, but if yours does, ask the acupuncture practitioner about their training, background, and certifications. Although a certification does not ensure an excellent practitioner, you are at least assured that they have had sufficient training in the area. Do not rely on your practitioner to diagnose a disease unless they have conventional medical training. An acupuncturist is well trained to observe and address symptoms, but the Chinese medicine behind acupuncture is not particularly concerned about naming a specific disease. If you have significant symptoms that you feel needs a precise diagnosis, rely on a trained doctor. As mentioned earlier, your doctor may encourage you to seek the services of an acupuncture clinic to address certain symptoms that you may have.

Once you have found out the background of the acupuncture practitioners, the decision to select one is similar to the decision that you use to select a dentist. You may have friends that recommend them, you may schedule an initial visit and see how you feel at the office, etc. The remainder of the decision is more on how comfortable you feel with that acupuncture practitioner. The initial visit will consist of a diagnosis, where you will talk at length with the practitioner, and that will give you a very good indication of whether you are comfortable or not.

The cost of the treatments will be discussed after your diagnosis. The number of treatments will depend on your set of symptoms and your overall health. The acupuncture practitioner should discuss this before the series of treatments start. Some symptoms only require a few treatments, whereas others may stretch over a series of weeks. Typically, physicians that are also trained in acupuncture will charge more than nonphysicians.
Your insurance may cover visits to the acupuncture clinic, but you should contact them first and discuss your individual case. Make sure to mention whether it is a referral from your physician, if indeed it is. This introduction has hopefully given you the information you need to confidently find and schedule your first acupuncture clinic visit!

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